About Us

Take on kindness, compassion be the upstander for that person who looks alone or that you know is being subjected to bullying — Nancy Silberkleit

nancy silberkleit

Kindness Works is the creation of Nancy Silberkleit, the Co-CEO of Archie Comics.

Nancy is a world renowned public speaker who has committed her life to the fighting of causes such as bullying, the environment, and child literacy.

Rise Above Social Issues Publishes comic books on topics that are difficult to talk about such as Bullying, The flagship comic book Rise Above is a story on what one can do about being Bullying.
Helping those who have been targets of bullying with the Inspiration …. Never Let anyone define who they want you to be.. get busy in your life. Imagine someone repeatedly telling you what you can and can’t do.

Rise Above highlights getting out of the negative noise of others and no longer being afraid to allow your spirit to carve a healthy path that highlights who you are and where you want to go.